About SoHo

Around August 2012 SoHo was launched as an attempt to revive the struggling “W Channel” (formerly the Women’s channel and later a basic drama channel). Having worked previously on W, I was charged with implementing the rebrand online.

Designed as a drama channel, SoHo’s main purpose at launch was to give a home to HBO’s library shows which were at the time scattered across multiple channels.

Brand Management

From the launch of the channel in 2012, I was in charge of creating and managing all materials associated with the SoHo website, social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr), and e-newsletters. I was also in charge of all digital materials relating to SoHo’s first local drama production Wentworth.

Social Media

Posting across SoHo’s accounts became a fine mix of channel related promotional content such as key art / channel promos and viral materials related to SoHo’s more popular series such as Outlander and Wentworth.

With much of the content on SoHo being second run series, our biggest engaging shows were often the rare few that were first run or were original series created by the channel.