About showcase

The home of HBO content in Australia, showcase is also the home of the worlds greatest dramas from a host of other US networks such as Showtime, STARZ, and AMC. It has also produced a number of critically acclaimed and award winning local dramas including; Cloudstreet (2011), Devil’s Playground (2014), and Deadline Gallipoli (2015).

Brand Management

Coming in to look after the showcase brand’s digital assets in 2013, my purview covered the channels website, social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, & Tumblr), and eNewsletter campaigns. This included replacing the website with a brand new mobile responsive home that was far more friendly towards video. It also included managing social communities that were highly opinionated and critical.

Social Media

As showcase has always been about the most up to date drama series, my approach towards the social media accounts was no different.

My content strategy was based upon the audience’s need to not only see the latest content, but also to BE SEEN consuming it and therefore enhance their own social standing.

As we were not the primary producer of our most in demand shows (Game of Thrones, True Detective, etc), our most original content often took the form of viral materials such as meme’s and series quotes/jokes.

Let the product sell itself.- A Wiser Man Than Me

The key to success with a brand like this was to focus less on “showcase” and more on the brands inside it. In an age (and country) where internet piracy of our shows was at an all time high, the potential for negative social interaction was also high.

By focusing on the content almost exclusively, we managed to avoid a lot of the anti pay TV comments and increase the conversation about the shows themselves.