Valar Morghulis

A worldwide phenomenon, Game of Thrones has become one of the most talked about if not watched TV series on the planet. Whilst working for showcase in 2013-2015, it was my job to promote the series on digital platforms for the channel and to coordinate the release of HBO materials associated with the series.


Our default location for Game of Thrones content, this section of the showcase website was home to character and house bios, an interactive map, and hours of video content.

Social Media

As Game of Thrones is such a talked about show, the ultimate place for us to market it was on social media. Via showcase’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, I promoted the series using a combination of approved marketing images and memes.

As a secondary distributor of the show, often showcase was best served by finding the best moment in each episode and capturing it in the form of a meme or quote.


To further engage our viewership with the Game of Thrones brand, I ran a series of competitions via the website and social in the lead up to season 4 of the series. Working with the brand marketing team, I created a series of prize packs that were themed to the houses from the series. Packs were given away on a weekly basis up until the premiere and then half way through the season a major prize pack was offered as a final push to engage showcase fans.