About Foxtel Movies

In early 2013 the face of movies on Foxtel changed dramatically with the removal of the external movies services (Showtime & Movie Networks). In their place Foxtel Movies was born containing 8 in house movie channels as well as a number of time-shift channels.

Brand Management

From the very beginning of Foxtel Movies I was assigned to manage the channel groups digital assets. This included establishing a new website for the brand as well as a social media presence (Facebook & Twitter).


As Foxtel Movies was a new brand it required a new website. With a tiny budget, we built a simple yet elegant website that was designed for promoting the monthly highlights of each channels. The website was also designed as a touch point for movie seekers showing up to two months worth of screening times for any movie on the service.

Social Media

Starting a new social presence takes time and focus. For Foxtel Movies, my focus was on building a Facebook audience as it was the dominant social platform in Australia at that time. Working with the channel marketing team, I built up our audience by keeping the page relevant with theatrical movie news and trailers as well as regular competitions and sweepstakes.

We also applied a small ad spend to the page as well as specific posts, targeting not just movie lovers but also potential Foxtel Movies subscribers.


Also included in the creation of the Foxtel Movies brand was a number of tailored e-newsletter templates that were created through campaign monitor. They were used for all manner of customer communications, from monthly newsletters to email based competitions and sweepstakes.