About FOX Classics

A destination for lovers of classic TV and movies, FOX Classics is a brand that has become the home to some of TV’s greats such as M.A.S.H and the Golden Girls as well as classic westerns such as Bonanza. The channel is also heavily identified by it’s film stunts which include themes such as; OSCAR winners, iconic westerns, and retrospectives on Hollywood’s greatest actors.

Brand Management

From the beginning of my time as part of the digital team at Foxtel in 2011, FOX Classics was a brand that I was assigned to manage. For the next two years I looked after the channel’s website and later began the process of building up it’s social media accounts (Facebook & Twitter) that were practically non existent.

Community Engagement

Understanding FOX Classics had a much older demographic, I dedicated a considerable amount of time to educating our audience about social media. I also took advantage of the active engagers on the website’s message board and on many occasions reached out to them to help promote FOX Classics initiatives.

Social Media

On social media, my strategy was to engage the older audience through nostalgia and break up programming posts with:
Film Facts
Born Today and Memorial messages for actors