50 years of Bill Collins

One of the most iconic faces on Australian TV, Bill Collins (otherwise known as Mr. Movies) has been coming into Australian homes for over 50 years. An expert on cinema, Bill is well known for his movie reviews and his film introductions which have aired on every major network in the country. To commemorate his 50th year on Television, FOX Classics commissioned a documentary about his life and career in 2013 and I was tasked with building a digital home for the milestone.


Starting with a simple brief to expand on what would be contained within the documentary, I decided the website should be a comprehensive archive of his life and not just contain his biography. I gained access to hundreds of hours of footage from Bill’s personal library and set about digitising and editing his past work into an easily consumable format.

Top 10 Movies

As part of the stunt, Bill Collins presented his top 10 movies of all time from the golden years of Hollywood. Each night as a film aired on FOX Classics, I added Bill’s introduction to the website and broadcast that nights film choice on social media, slowly revealing his list to the public.


For the last 50 years Bill Collins has interviewed some of the biggest names in cinema. I digitised and edited all of the interviews that were still in acceptable condition and uploaded them to the website so they could be preserved and viewed by everyone.


As part of the celebration, we asked the viewers to pass on their messages and congratulations to Bill. To facilitate this, I built a special testimonials page where viewers could submit their stories and kind words. I also included several videos that were sent to us by some of Bills biggest fans.

Social Media

To complement the campaign being done on air, I also conducted a social media campaign for the period leading up to the stunt through to the end of it. My focus was to get our Facebook and Twitter audiences engaging with the content on the website and to promote the top ten screenings as well as the Bill Collins documentary.

For the lead up to the stunt I focused on deploying the celebrity interviews in bundles to tease the documentary and keep the content fresh throughout the campaign. This resulted in a steady increase in site traffic and video views over the three week period.